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Dylan Biggs Cattle Handling Clinics

We all want control of our cattle - we don't step outside in the morning looking for a wreck. Yet working with cattle can commonly deteriorate into an exercise of force and fear to get them to do what we want. Once animals are upset - afraid or mad - then getting the job done in a safe, efficient and stress free manner is virtually impossible. Once the cattle are in this state the people handling them aren't far behind. "Then everyone is having fun." The majority of cattle handling problems stem from instinctive human behaviours. It is imperative that producers become aware of these tendencies around livestock so they can avoid the unintended consequences of their actions. Once people are aware of and in control of their counterproductive instinctive behaviours then they are ready to learn a new set of cattle handling skills that will enable them to get the job done in a calm, controlled, safe and efficient manner.

Whether it's calving, branding, turning out or pulling bulls, weaning, treating animals or simply moving them to fresh pasture, cattle handling can be stressful and hectic. If you would like to learn a stress-free way to handle your cattle that will make these jobs easy and trouble free, plan to attend one of Dylan's powerful, hands-on workshops.

"Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed attending your cattle handling clinic. We learned so much in those two days. Our whole attitude changed, and working cattle is now a pleasure, even fun! We sorted the calves off a couple of weeks ago and it went so well, so quietly and quickly that we even considered turning the calves back out with the cows and doing it all over again. Our knowledge and change in attitude has produced a calming effect on our cattle. Thanks again for showing us a better way."

Glen & Dorothy Campbell, Inglis, Manitoba