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Hosting A Clinic

Over the past several years we have had many people host clinics. This is a great way to introduce friends, family and neighbours to a method of handling cattle that is not only effective, but safe and family friendly. As an incentive we offer the family/person hosting the clinic one free hands-on participant placement.

To host an intensive two day clinic there are several requirements necessary:

  • a minimum of 12 (maximum of 12) hands-on paid participants and a minimum of 14 (maximum of 20) paid observers must be pre-registered with a credit card;
  • a warm room large enough to host up to 35 people that has power and lights - this could be a shop, barn or living room;
  • 30 to 40 cattle (could be cows with older calves at foot, steers, heifers, yearlings, etc);
  • a pasture approximately 20 acres in size that is relatively flat and treeless - this allows the observers watching the clinic to see what is happening and to communicate with Dylan more effectively if they have questions. Ideally this pasture would be adjacent to handling facilities;

Effective advertising is essential to fill a clinic - once we have confirmed the dates and times that the clinic will be held we will post it on our website and advertise in the relevant local papers with our toll-free number and the host's name and location. If the clinic is not filled within two weeks of the booked dates we reserve the right to cancel it. If the clinic is filled participant credit cards will be billed two weeks prior to the clinic, if it is canceled no billing will be done.

To give the clinic a more community feel we also like to have a warm lunch served and coffee/drinks available both days. To help facilitate this we will pay $10/person per day for participants and observers attending. These meals could either be catered or prepared/organized by the host family/person.

If you are interested in hosting a clinic please contact us.